The Afternoon Dump: Hottest Soccer Fan Ever, Basketball Recruiting Class, Roller Derby Is Here, All Men Are Created Equal, Hot Alabama Girls


She has some nice features. 

I am off to Iowa tonight. I am pretty excited although I know i will be really tired because I didn’t sleep to much last night. I have to wait until after my exam to leave.

Brett Favre goes up against the Patriots tonight at 8:15pm. Should be a good game but it’s on the NFL Network and more than likely 90% of the people who watch NFL don’t have this channel. Dumb NFL Network.

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Have a good day guys.

Afternoon Dump

The best idea any man could ever think of, the hottest soccer fan [Fan IQ]

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Just remember: All men are created equal [Salty Milk]

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Miranda Kerr is no longer available [on 205th]

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Slide show of hot ‘Bama girls on game days [Poon of the SEC]

Obama fans are taking this a little to serious [Mr. Irrelevant]

You want her to handcuff you [Machochip]

SNL is getting some more girls to join the cast [Epic Carnival]

The Iphone has some advantages [Bright Black Internet]

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