Teen Patriots Cheerleaders Caitlin Davis, Becca Lewis Nearly Erased From Team’s Site


There is only one remaining link to infamous bad girl Caitlin Davis and the New England Patriots.

A single team lineup photo is still on the cheerleader Web site. Otherwise, she is toast.

As you can see above, we have ghosted out the spots where the two 18-year-old cheerleaders stand for this 2008 team photo. Looks like the Pats Photoshoppers need to go USC on that photo.

Becca Lewis has disappeared, too, but probably on better terms than Caitlin.

You can’t even buy the special message autograph photo from the Caitlin collection.

It’s gone. Erased.

Sorry, Greg, you won’t be getting that nearly naked teen cheerleader photo from your wife this year.

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