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Clippers Center Paul Davis Gets Close With Naked Women, What Happened To Model Girlfriend?



Tall white guy gets his hands on Playboy chicks. 

It’s great to see a white guy in the NBA being able to pull the ladies.

But this isn’t a first for L.A. Clippers towering center Paul Davis.  During his Michigan State days Davis was famous for dating one of the hottest women on the East Lansing campus.

Here is the dilemma.

Is Davis still dating Diana Rosebush, a model who once competed as a Hometown Honey for FHM?


Ms. Rosebush. 

From the look of things, no, but if so she just shot straight to the top 10 in American basketball WAGs.

That is where our Internet guerrillas come into play. One of you must know what the story is here.  Do tell.

[Diana Rosebush Photo Gallery]


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