Gina Carano Likes Booze, Partying And Going Ground And Pound On Fellow Fighter – In Bed

In a matter of hours the “Gina Carano Actually Has A Life Outside The Ring” blogger-gasm has gone into full effect.

The following photos come to us via Fan IQ/Cage Potato/MMA Fight Girls/MMA Underground Forums. Anyone we’re missing?

Here is the story recap. Gina has this friend who goes by the name Tonya Evinger. She is also a cage fighter from the infamous Evinger family out of Odessa, Texas. This family does two things: kick ass and party.

Gina runs with the Evinger’s, especially Tonya.

Tonya, being Texan we suppose, likes living the hard life and has a thing for Gina Carano as you will see after the jump.

Tonya Evinger and Gina Carano cutout

Even if Tonya is a bad influence on Gina, it doesn’t seem the MMA golden girl has to be persuaded to get on top of her friend.

The smile says it all.

Here are the two ‘friends’ outside of the bedroom.

Gina and another chick from the Evinger stable.

And how can forget the Gina Carano cell phone holder?

Tonya and our hero pre-bed romp? Who cares.


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