Binghamton University Basketball Player Malik Alvin Used To Have Money For Condoms

It’s Malik Alvin day at Busted Coverage.

Earlier we told you how Wal-Mart security had to go into chase mode in their attempt to capture the condom heister. Alvin is accused of knocking a 66-year-old lady to the ground while running out of the store with his 36-pack of Trojans.

She is said to have suffered a concussion.

After a further investigation by our Indian freelance researchers, it seems Malik used to have the money to buy condoms. In fact, he liked taking photos of 20s fanned out on his bed and in his hands.

All it would have taken was one bill to purchase those condoms, and you would have had change.

That would be Mr. Alvin putting a rubber band on his roll.

Alvin even posed for this picture in what looks like a Wal-Mart.

Hope it was worth it.