Daily Dump: $40 To Watch MAC School, Tech Silences Doubters, Spaceman Tells Schill To Kiss His Ass & A 305-Pound HS QB




What we learned this week: Hot chicks like douchebags. 

The economy is in shambles, unemployment is at its highest level since ’83 and people are losing their houses, cars and livelihood (the Internet) and yet somehow college football games can cost more than a night with a middle of the road hooker.

Take the Western Michigan-Illinois football game yesterday in Detroit at Ford Field which members of BC attended due to being friends of the program.

Tickets: Sideline-$39

Draft beer: Blue Light $8.50

Personal Pizza: $7.50

This is unacceptable. $40 to see a MAC school results in thousands of people to elect to stay home and watch the game on their nice 42″ LCD.

By the way, The D looked really depressing. Like usual. 

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