LSU Fans Still Hate Nick Saban, Will Show Feelings With Shirts This Weekend In Baton Rouge


Yes, that is a guy showing off his Saban shirt, rack. 

This could be one of the most hate-filled return homecomings for a coach in the history of college football.

Nick Saban, say hello to angry LSU fan.

Even after winning a national championship post Saban, they don’t forget.

Discussing his staff’s usual preseason plan of game-day operations, Saban told reporters: “It was pretty unanimous in our staff that when we go to LSU, nobody’s riding on the bus I’m on.”

See, he’s not the prick that most LSU fans would have you believe. There is humor within his brain.

LSU fans aren’t believers. They remember The Nick saying Miami wasn’t for him and then promptly bolting for the corporate jet and the dollars.

And Baton Rouge is ready for a giant cocktail party in Nick’s honor.

Nick continues…

”It’s going to be about our players and our team,” the coach told reporters. “And

I don’t care how hard anybody tries to make it about something else — it’s not going to be.

“So I’m kind of giving you a little forewarning. If somebody wants to get a you-know-what chewing this week, that would be a good way to get it.”

That was a warning to the media.  Don’t cross me because I’m rich, a football coach and currently own the state of Alabama.

Great shirts you’ll be seeing to welcome The Nick back home.

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