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Houston Texans Twin Cheerleaders – Marisa and Larisa Coy – Halloween Photos Finally Surface


The last couple of weeks have been filled with twin news.

First it was the Feres sisters, the Guzman’s and now we catch up with the hottest NFL twin sister cheerleading duo – the Coy’s.

You know these Coy sisters from Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue fame.


This is year number 4 of the Larisa and Marisa Experience. It might be the final season as the ladies work towards degrees and a life away from sweat drenched sidelines.

If it is the end at least we will always have a final look at the twins celebrating the Houston Texans Halloween 2008 Bash in their tiger stripped costumes with the Ambiguously Gay Duo and a strapping schoolgirl.





coy_sisters_texans_5.jpg coy_sisters_texans_6.jpg coy_sisters_texans_3.jpg

coy_sisters_texans_4.jpg coy_sisters_texans_1.jpg coy_sisters_texans_2.jpg

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