Erin Andrews Contacted By Media Outlet After Her High School Football Team Finishes 6-4


Making the boys giddy in Blacksburg last night 

Again, a lesson to any aspiring sports blogger looking to get hits.

Erin Andrews + a headline = clicks.

And now even ancient media like newspapers are catching on to this craze.

Take the St. Petersburg Times. The sports staff was working on a story about local Bloomingdale High and its football team finally squeaking out a winning record. 6-4. Major story.

But the real story here is that Erin Andrews went to BHS and just had to be contacted to comment on this huge achievement.

“I opened up the paper and said, ‘Holy crap! Bloomingdale beat Brandon,” said Andrews, who graduated from the school in 1996.

“The football games I saw were social events,” said Andrews, 30. “That was the meeting place before you went out Friday nights.”

That is it. Three sentences.

Lets be honest. This was just a poor excuse for a lonely high school sports reporter to spice up his life with a reason to call the most in demand woman on any sports circuit.

Kudos to Andrew Meacham at the Times. Not only did you manage to help pull in thousands of visitors to an otherwise worthless story, but you spent two minutes hearing a voice we go to bed dreaming of.

Good work.

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