Daily Dump: Blogger Goes For Ride With Dale Jr., All Whitey Basketball Team, Fat Coach Silhouette Trivia, Recasting Night Court And A Chick Named Collien



Collien makes her Busted Coverage debut this morning.

Brades just wasn’t as horrible as was hoped.

But he’s no Jay Cutler. Bwaahaaaa! 447. Are you serious?

In an NFL game? 

The best news of the night for Cleveland fans: no one saw this debacle since it was on the NFL Network.

Huge weekend for LSU fan. Saban makes his return. GameDay is in town. The chance to knock off the #1 team in the country. 

We expect nothing less than insane videos and pics out of you people. Do not disappoint. 

Today’s Dump:

Blogger’s life that much better, goes for ride with Dale Jr. [Brahsome]

If only this streaking tradition would come to the college level [With Leather]

The All Whitey Basketball Team! [Gunaxin]

Silhouette Trivia: This time very fat football coaches [Simon on Sports]

Joey Porter helping Colorado State celebrate a TD [YepYep]

Just when Ryan Leaf had pulled his life together… [College OTR]

Recasting Night Court with modern characters: Piven as Felding [Comedy.com]

Sarah Palin stars in new Africa movie [Cuzoogle]

10 worst movies to get your girlfriend this holiday season [Blog of Hilarity]

A puppy writes to Obama’s daughters [Holy Taco]

Today’s Tail:

Believe it! Cheryl is actually Irish, needs kissed [Late For Mass]

Tricia Helfer will help you waste company time [Coed]

This is bullshit – Christina wears a sweatshirt, not showing cleav [Dirty Rotten]

Keeley has something to sell you [on205th]

Victoria Beckham must be cold [Don Chavez]

You cannot coach Sheena, don’t even try [Uncoached]

Hotter: Marisa Miller or Heidi Klum [Derober]

Some model does GQ [Celebridiot]

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