Who The F@CK Is That Guy! Kevin Johnson Wins Sacramento Mayor Election, Grows Goatee, Now White


Last night during the Scrotum State vs. Northern Illinois game this great screenshot showed up on ESPN2.

Kevin Johnson, of Phoenix Suns fame happens to be a black guy who got into politics post-dishing to Tom Chambers career and is definitely black the last time we checked.

“Obama and myself, we ran on the promise and the theme of change. No more business as usual,” Johnson said in a Sacramento Bee report. “I am so ready and so humbled to accept this great honor that has been bestowed upon me today.”

But wait, ESPN found “That Guy” with a massive goatee and who is white.
Even with our advanced team of Indian researchers on the case it is unclear if That Guy is even an athlete.

Closer examination of white guy after the jump…

Nope, not the Kevin Johnson they were aiming for.

Here’s the real KJ.

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