The Afternoon Dump: 1 Shot For A Million, James Bond Goes FHM, Naked Cheerleaders, Corvette Beats Ferrari and Porsche, Facebook Can Be The Devil


Deal or No Deal sure knows how to pick their models

It’s Thursday Night Football! Wait a second, that doesn’t sound right. I personally don’t like having NFL games on Thursday night, it’s good to look forward to Sunday’s to watch the games but the NFL doesn’t agree. Also the game is on the NFL network, a channel not to many people have.

The new South Park was pretty interesting.

Feel free to email me, even if it is “hate” email. I received an email last night that called me dumb because I wanted Tampa Bay to win the series, which yes they lost but I can still cheer for whatever team I want. Oh and email me some links if you want them in the Afternoon Dump.

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Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

1 million dollars, 1 shot, I wish I could do it [Steady Burn]

Hef’s ex is just a skank, already getting married [Sports Crackle Pop]

James Bond’s girl is now modeling for FHM [Celebridiot]

Larry King’s wife is cheating on him, why would someone cheat on Larry? [Celebslam]

Cheerleaders getting half naked and running across the football field [With Leather]

Who should get the Heisman? Go check their Facebooks out [Co-ed Magazine]

The Sex Alert could be a bad idea [Tasty Booze]

Is that one girl from 90210 a lesbian? [on 205th]

Didn’t know it was possible to be good and bad at Guitar Hero [uncoached]

11 reasons why the NFL network is dumb [Epic Carnival]

A Corvette can beat Porsche’s and Ferrari’s [Salty Milk]

Now thats funny, Bacon beats Fries [Holy Taco]

Power rankings on these girls [Tv Tan Line]

Who would you rather do? [The Big Picture]

Watch out what you say on Facebook, you may be kicked off the team [The World of Isaac]

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