Daily Dump: Complete Caitlin Davis Photo Gallery, Romo Needs To Give Simpson The Boot, Arizona Lacrosse Ladies Party, Yellow Card My Ass & Gemma Atkinson Cleavage Update



In case you missed the newest twins on the chick circuit – Guzman’s. 

Still recovering from that epic Tuesday night. The Dump numbers are improving but hang with us if we’re missing you. Sleep has become a little more important than your traffic numbers.

Great football on TV last night. MAC ballers! Feel the excitement of half-filled stadiums and Lou Holtz spitting.

Did we see that Lebron was slightly injured last night? Curse of ESPN GameDay?

Brady Quinn, tonight, sticks his hand under center. It’s on NFL Network so hardly a soul will notice the upcoming disaster. Good luck, Brades.  

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Today’s Tail: 

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