Steelers Chick Doesn’t Take Obama Victory Very Well, Says We’re In Big Trouble


Fox News just found its next political pundit, far right 

Yesterday was a smashing success here at BC.

We managed to get all political with you guys and did it with hot chicks. Most of the ladies were throwing down for Johnny Mac, but one foot soldier stood out.

Ms. Morgan was the Steelers chick with strong convictions for voting McCain. She is Texan, lives in Arizona and likely believes taxes have ruined her life.

These chicks are never happy after a bad night of sex election loses.

The morning after…

[Morgan] is so disappointed in America right now. Worst decision this nation has ever made.

This political bombshell came after this one.

Morgan is moving back to Texas and advocating a second secession if Obama wins this election…. PLEASE MCCAIN.

We might be in love. Not with her politics. Just with the thought of her being such a little firecracker.

Instant analysis from BC: she’s likely wild in the sack, makes a mean rack of ribs, will drink you under the table, drives a Chevy Super Duty and loves making fun of Brady Quinn for being queer. 

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