Song Girls Get One More Shot At Shaking It For Dirty Sanchez

It’s a unanimous yes from Busted Coverage HQ. [Credit]

Yes, another day of photos from Saturday’s Song Girls reunion – because we can and you’ll look.

New pics have dropped and give us more perspective into the aging process of the ladies. From the look of things, current Song Girls can expect to start losing it around 45.

After that, say hello to wrinkles, bad hair and saggy neck lines.

The woman second from left was a Song Girl? Could have fooled us.

It’s ok, ladies.

Your husband will likely be 35 pounds overweight, working 70 hours a week and facing a certain heart attack at 58. Look on the bright side. You can get all the problems taken care of with his life insurance policy, find a new husband and be rich.

Being a Song Girl has benefits for life.

Well, hello ladies. Looking for a rich blogging sugar daddy?


Facing that 45-year-old wall where it starts to go.





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