McCain Picks Up Crucial Vote From Ohio State Grad Student Alexis "The Bikini Model"



Alexis, right, likes making money via bikinis and votes red.

Our continuing coverage of hot chicks and their voting tendencies travels back west to Ohio State where a Campus USA bikini model and a conservative Christian grad student will be pounding a key pad for McCain/Palin.

Again, our Facebook researchers, like NBC, CBS & ABC, are keeping an eye on the site to see how voters are responding to this historical election.

Lets see Chuck Todd at NBC News get down and dirty with voters like we are capable of.

Busted Coverage is obviously your home for hot chicks who could decide an election.

Here we have “Alexis The Bikini Model” who won’t be swayed by lowered taxes and a promise of economic stimulus packages.

McCain’s bikini model supporter says dont be a pain vote for McCain!!! ;o)” Suck on that CNN.

This race (and our pants) are tightening by the minute.

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