Daily Dump: Howard Dean’s Crazy Train, 8 Sports Pornos, Top 10 Politicians Who Played With Balls, Jennifer Walcott’s WAG Costume, Jessica Alba Looking Worn And Coco Looking Hookerish




Not so fast: Obama hasn’t wrapped it up yet. 

Now listening to Howard Dean’s version of Ozzy classic Crazy Train.

It’s election day, what can be better to get things started than the best political song ever produced.  

Welcome back to the NFL, Mr. Leftwich. Honestly, we watched about 5 plays of this game. The Jaws-Kornheiser team can suck it. We ain’t watching even on mute.

Allen Iverson to Detroit. Great, now the gang bangers in the D will have a new hero. He’ll be a nightmare while Chauncey wasn’t the problem. Iverson and ‘Sheed on the same team – major mistake.

Congrats to Detroit. You will not see the NBA Finals in the next 5 season. 

Today’s Dump: 

8 sports pornos you wouldn’t want to see [Angry T]

Top 10 politicians who used to play with balls [Top Ten Chicago Sports]

Adam Archuleta had the hottest wife on Halloween [on205th]

Your final roundup of Halloween at Ole Miss [Friends of the Program]

Cal is so screwed now that they are ranked [The Play in CA]

USC parent’s weekend message to mom and dad [Uncoached]

Maybe the Lions should auction off offensive play calls [World of Isaac]

These guys are pros at mustache rides [Live the News]

Man finds mouse baked into his hot dog bun [Holy Taco]

Barker’s Beauty hard up for cash [Don Chavez]

Reporter needs to watch out for that jackass [YepYep]

Buy Saddam’s luxury yacht [College OTR]

Today’s Tail: 

This former SI swimsuit model could be taking this body to jail [Machochip]

Ladies who promote beer, energy drinks, etc. for a living [Coed]

Jessica Alba if she were from North Dakota minus makeup [CelebSlam]

Venezuela knows how to put out a calendar [CamelTap]

Coco, as expected, look like a hooker for Halloween (NSFW Ads) [Dirty Rotten]

Clare Tully, Irish Page 3 model, letting them breath last night [Late For Mass]

This blogger is obsessed with Brianna Frost [Phil Knows Best]

The new Bond girl surprisingly has a smoking body [Gunaxin]

These boobs support Obama [Liquid Generation]

Jessica Simpson taking directions [Derober]

Natalia in lingerie for Vogue [Bright Black Internet]

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