The John Daly "Is He Sleeping/Not Sleeping" Test For Friends And Family

At the bar, chick approaches. Little does she know. He’s sleeping. 

As if the John Daly is passed out at Hooters story isn’t great enough, now our Drunken Golf Hero is explaining the situation.

He says it was all a misunderstanding between his friends, police and all involved.

Daly said it could have been avoided if his friends had realized he tends to sleep with his eyes open when he’s tired, stressed and has been drinking. He said the driver of his private bus, parked near Hooters, panicked when he saw Daly and called the paramedics.

Sleeps with his eyes open! This guy has just crossed into a new stratosphere on our idol list.

But this could be dangerous to people that aren’t aware of these superhuman skills. Say you see Daly across the bar and throw a beer his way. You might not realize he’s just catching a few minutes of shut eye. This can be dangerous.

That is why we’ve been in development (over the weekend) to go live with a Beta version of the “John Daly: Is He Sleeping/Not Sleeping Test.”


Are you kidding? He’s wide awake. That falcon can be used to open his first beer after a round with the rich guys who wear towels.

Out cold. 

Here we have Daly, at Hooters, approached by stud blogger Will Brinson of Brahsome/FanHouse fame. Daly, obviously not impressed by the fanfare, obliges for the photo and then promptly goes nappy time.


A warm body. Female. Next to our hero. His eyes might be puffy but John struggles to keep from passing out.


The guy uses one of those full body pillows and finds one in the bar who just happens to be one of the retards from Hootie and the Blowfish.

About to nap. 

Here is our hero ignoring boobs and drunk chick in search of a bed.