5 Most Inappropriate Sports-Themed Halloween Costumes Of 2008

Just some fun times at the Blind Horse Saloon in Greenville, SC. [Credit]

If you’re here to see what Jon Kitna dressed up as this or what The Giant Ass made Reggie Bush wear, this is the wrong place. We rarely do celebrity garbage stories.

BC was on the prowl this weekend for the most disturbing, inappropriate sports-themed Halloween costume. And as is customary with the world of idiots, alcohol and cameras – the people came through.

Special recognition goes to the folks in Greenville, SC where going as the Klan is still acceptable. We’re guessing those guys aren’t voting for Obama tomorrow. Between you guys and LSU redneck it’s a tossup to figure out who is funnier.

The other 4 idiots after the jump…

Chuck Liddell called and wants his Adidas shorts back. What, no tape for the feet and gloves? Piss poor attempt at a Liddell.

The gay Michael Phelps ironically at a gay Halloween parade. Too easy and predictable. And what’s with the Schweppes? Almost moved down a spot for the cool queer signs in the background.

Ricky Williams has cleaned up his act, gets tested regularly and still people think he’s a spliff smoking pothead. He’s a new man! Gone are the days of lounging on an Australian beach blazing a fatty. Next time you need the black paint on the neck. 

Orton got married, got his job back and still, people want to paint him as the beer bottle holding, Janis Joplin shirt wearing lush of 2007. What, the Joe Namath jersey not available? This one must have taken 30 minutes to throw together.

Nice effort on the neckbeard but still appropriate because Orton has become a new man.