Vegas' Silver Man Goes For Herbstreit Look, Fails

We’ve been searching all weekend for the best Halloween arrest story and believe the winner comes to us via the great city of Las Vegas.

It appears Travis Stone got busy Friday with some silver spray paint, alcohol and a piece of shit car.

Yeah, that is a Mercedes burner he was driving as cops caught up to this guy who had slammed his ride into the highway divider.

KTNV ABC in Vegas has the full report and videos:

Police gave him a sobriety test and arrested him around 7am.

You read that correct. 7 a.m. On a Friday.

We’ve always heard of the freaky underground S&M, silver paint parties that rage all night long in Vegas.

Personally, we prefer the gold tanning spray-on paint.

A.K.A. “The Herbstreit.”


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