USC Song Girls: 40 Years Of Making Men Stare


Update: Today mark’s the beginning of a 3-day 40th anniversary celebration in honor of the USC Song Girls. The ladies will be lauded at tomorrow’s game and we understand past Song Girls will be on hand for the festivities.

In true BC tradition, we honor the women with 40 shots + 5 new bonus photos of the Girls at the end of this anniversary post.

We are just days away from the most important election in generations and yet the editors decided there was an even bigger moment to celebrate.

That’s right, it’s time for even more USC Song Girl news.

The Ladies of Troy will be celebrating 40 Years of Song Girls later this month, but we figured it was time to get a head start on the competition with a modern day photographic look into the team on and off the field.

BC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich was given the task of finding the ladies in bikinis, drinking, Halloween costumes, at the beach/bars/home/eating actual food, etc.

We are calling the following photo report “Song Girls: 40 Years Of Making Men Stare.”

* The following 40 photos contain at least one Song Girl. We don’t have time to ID every single photo. Don’t even start complaining. Just stare. The photos are from 2005-2008. If you want pics further back then that, feel free to find them yourself.

In compiling these photos we discovered that the ladies actually eat pizza, drink alcohol and like to party. Go figure.

Editors were also shocked the ladies would dress in opposing school colors for Halloween. A UCLA jersey? This isn’t very becoming of a Song Girl.

From The 2008 Swim With Mike (below)

The Aforementioned 5 Bonus Song Girl Photos

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