5 Questions With ESPN Road Trip’s Kristen Aldridge: Tequila With Lance Armstrong, Waffle House At 4 A.M. And Her Tailgating Prowess




We end this week at BC on a high note.

Never before in this site’s brief history have we ever held a conversation with a hot chick who just happens to own an Emmy Award.

That all changed this week as we traded communications with ESPN Road Trip’s Kristen Aldridge as she prepared for a weekend in Lubbock, Texas for the UT-Tech shootout.

Ms. Aldridge was recently honored as owning one of our “6-Tools To Building A Sideline Reporter.”

She also has even more respectable credentials like being a Maxim Magazine “Hometown Hotties Sexiest Girls Next Door,” and is even appearing in movies.

One look at Kristen’s IMDB bio reveals she is way busy these days.

Luckily she couldn’t resist our “5 Questions With Kristen Aldridge.” 

1.) Most of our readers have never heard of KristenAldridge. What are your credentials when it comes to college and the world of sports?

I grew up going to Vikings games with my dad, and was the star of my college tennis team [University of St. Thomas] (Fine, D-3, whatever!) So I’ve always been into sports.

The way I see it, there’s two ways to experience a sporting event: you can watch it on TV, or you can go be a part of it. And while both are quality in their own way…I’m not one for sitting on the couch all day watching football with the boys.

But I am a TON of fun at the tailgate and in the stands.

The scene, the adrenaline, the crowd…you can’t beat it!

When the producers of ESPN Road Trip approached me, that’s the vibe they were looking for. The show is less x’s and o’s, and more focused on what’s happening around the game.

I wasn’t brought in to be a sideline reporter or football expert, and at this point I’m not looking to become the next Suzy Kolber or Erin Andrews.I respect the hell outta those women, but I’m happy conducting the USC Marching Band, firing off Smokey The Cannon, and having fireside chats with Coach Vince Dooley.



2.) Coolest famous sports person you’ve met while doing this Road Trip gig and why?

Well, Drubner is the head writer of The ESPY Awards, and forged a friendship with Lance Armstrong when he hosted a few years back.

Cut to two years later and there he and I are sitting at Lance’s house in Austin drinking tequila! (I believe Lance was drinking milk)

Such a great guy, such a great time! He was even nice enough to shoot a bit with us to open our Texas-Oklahoma gameday episode.Needless to say, the Red River Rivalry weekend might be the best time I’ve ever had.
Hook Em!



3.) Every rock band that travels from city to city has road stories. Give us a glimpse into one of your crazy road nights in one of these college towns.

I can tell you that it’s not uncommon for me to end up at Waffle House at 4 am. Interpret that as you wish.



4.) Who is the hottest guy working on ESPN (on-screen, please)?

Drubner is the only guy I’ve worked with at ESPN, so I’m not qualified to give an answer given the limited sample pool. (I read that on fivethirtyeight.com)



5.) Erin Andrews has hinted at a possible future on the entertainment side of TV. You dabble in that field. What do you think of EA treading on your turf and how do you think she would do interviewing needy celebrities?

Yeah, with my hosting background I’ve interviewed some pretty big names in Hollywood and I just won an Emmy for my work with Metromix (yea!), but Erin Andrews is definitely at the top of her game in the sports world. She’s talented, smart, hard-working and I’ve heard she is getting a lot of attention on the internets.

The bottom line is, if she can handle athletes, she can definitely handle any celebrity!



A Sample Of Kristen’s ESPN Road Trip Work:

Texas-Oklahoma Trip

Alabama-UGA Trip (famous Vince Dooley boned video)

LSU-Auburn Trip

More Kristen For Research Purposes: 

Official Kristen Aldridge Web Site

Kristen at MySpace 

Special thanks to Ms. Aldridge for taking the time to converse with such a lowly blog. It was fun.

I started Busted in 2007, sold it in 2011 and Coed kept me around to run this operation. Based in Ohio. Contact me: @bustedcoverage
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