The Afternoon Dump:Riots In Phillie, Beckham Loves Girls, Olsen Twins Want Bigger Twins, Don’t Vote, Sex Tapes Could Help


Halloween is tomorrow, get your girl to wear this costume 

Very surprised with last nights victory. Dang.

The show called “Fringe” that is on Fox is a pretty good show. Me and a couple of buddies stayed up the other night watching all 6 episodes that are out. Pretty cool.

Purdue Basketball starts in one day. Tomorrow is the first time they play in Mackey Arena. Purdue basketball is actually good. This weekend Purdue plays Michigan in football, both teams arent good so I will pick Purdue by 31.

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

There is always some form of rioting after a World Series win [The Sports Point]

L.T. talks to Bobby then brings up a really good point [The Legend of Cecilio Guante]

Beckham’s eyes seem to be stuck looking at one thing [Sports Crackle Pop]

The Olsen twins may become bigger, bigger than you ever thought [Celebslam]

Facebook is turning into the new spam machine [Mashable]

Some horror movie hotties (NSFW) [Barstool Sports]

There was the dramatic gerbil thing now its McCain’s turn [on 205th]

Make sure on the 4th you do not go and vote [Tasty Booze]

Sex tapes that would help some careers [uncoached]

What if Crystal was just laying on your bed? [Next Round]

Some more pictures from the riot [Mr. Irrelevant]

Wow, Colt McCoy was in a commercial, not to many NCAA athletes are in them [EDSBS]

Brody Jenner macking all over some girl [Drunken Stepfather]

Cole Hamels seems to be pretty lucky now a days [Celebridiot]

Oh yea, goal of the day [Machochip]

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