Phillies Fan Celebrates World Series Title With Game Of Grab Ass


He lost his World Series and sexual virginity in one night. [Credit]

While all the other blog/TV/print/radio outlets are concentrating on how much destruction Philly took last night, Busted Coverage Photo Editor Big Gay Rich was told to find the greatest celebration photo on the ‘net.

This is why our guy is the best photo editor out there. He has skills that compliment this outlet.

Yes, we know drunken idiots destroyed cars. Yes, we understand cops had to bust heads. Even hundreds of miles away Penn State morons got out of control.

Philadelphia won something. What do you expect?

But how many blogs out there found a shot of a real Phillies celebration where Utley chick is getting a modified semi-reach around?

Ok, we’ll go with the rest of the pack and give you some shots of the destruction on Broad St.

Now, if you’ve never been to Philly, the stadium is not downtown. But many of the top-notch bars are, hence the instant flood of fans onto the streets and instantly turning over cars.

White people make downtown look like South Philly in 3…2…1…Go!


[Photo Credit]

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