Busted Coverage Prediction: Rosie Jones The Next Great English WAG


The great part about having a blog would be the connections you make throughout the world.

One day, while dicking around the ‘net, an email pops up from the guys at Nuts U.K.

For those not familiar with Nuts, do yourself a favor and take a good look at the U.K.’s top lad magazine. All the women are guaranteed to be accented.

Anyway, BC develops a friendship with the guys at Nuts, and now our loyal readers get to see SFW photos of the lovely ladies without threats of lawsuits and piss stenched London jails.

Our question to the boys this week was “Who Is The Next Great English Female (think Keeley Hazell).”

The answer from across the pond was simple: Rosie Jones (uncensored photos here).


Jones is 21 and after appearing in Nuts, she has become an instant star.

You know what that means. The English Premiere League locker rooms are buzzing with interested ballers.

She has WAG written all over her – chest.

On her MySpace page Jones claims to have a boyfriend, but BC predicts this relationship will be destroyed by futbol money and fame.

Side Note: she was born in 1990. Hottest legal chick born in the 90’s, anyone?


081020_121017_issxx_rosie_shoot_a_19.jpg 081020_122141_issxx_rosie_shoot_a_30.jpg 081020_120902_issxx_rosie_shoot_a_18.jpg 081020_114531_issxx_rosie_shoot_a_02.jpg

l_cf83c6c2156e4d91a6d572391ca3a264.jpg l_35ad120adf9dc89b031d9a531c79b440.jpg l_9379178638270d80af78a05c39cd53c5.jpg l_8e73b2dab6084b53b70abfa189960900.jpg

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