The Afternoon Dump: Celtics Turn, Bras and Panties Are Not Required, Nick Saban Goes To LSU, NBA Season Did Start Last Night, Timberlake Has Some Kind of Lucky Charm


Colt McCoy’s girlfriend is looking really good.

Guess what tonight is? Tonight is the night where Tampa wins and the count of the series goes 3-2. Then they all go back to Tampa where Tampa will take the series 4-2 at home.

I am kind of addicted to Propel at the moment. Those little packages that you just pour into a bottle of water, well they are amazing. I recommend you go out and buy some.

Tough week in fantasy.

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

The Celtics had tears of joy last night [Boston Score]

“Guess who?” “I don’t care” – some funny cartoons to look at [Salty Milk]

Just remember: Bras and Panties are optional [uncoached]

Looks like Britney Spears has to ask permission from her father from now on [Celebslam]

Myspace vs. Celebrity poll, who will win this week [Tasty Booze]

LSU is in love with the idea of Nick Saban returning to their town [The Sports Point]

Is the first Playboy worth $7,500? [Steady Burn]

Hot girls caught on camera [on 205th]

Wow, the NBA season started last night, at least they have cheerleaders [The Big Picture]

I think everyone would go crazy on the Kimmel Show [Drunken Stepfather]

Justin Timberlake gets to lucky sometimes, seriously [Epic Carnival]

Can you believe that this girl was a flight attendant [Next Round]

She has a nice body [Machochip]

This person is retarded for parking the carts there, hard hit man [Brahsome]

The NBA is to go overseas [Dan Shanoff]

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