New England Patriots Cheerleaders Dress Up For Halloween: Cops, Criminals and Cleavage


The always appropriate for NFL ‘prison costume.’ With handcuffs.

We warned you guys last Friday that the NFL cheerleaders would be busting out the Halloween costumes over the next two weeks.

Some guy listened and provides us with a glimpse into the outfits worn by the New England Patriots cheerleaders during Sunday’s game against the Rams.

The only disappointment of the day was the MIA 18-year-old recent high school grad we always enjoyed. It was expected (by us) she’d show in a Catholic school girl costume.

We demand answers to why she disappeared.

2982418597_4b76b59b46_o.jpg 2982418361_da77d7803c_b.jpg 2983274188_70a81d8239_o.jpg

patriots_halloween_3.jpg patriots_halloween_2.jpg patriots_halloween_1.jpg

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