Kim Kardashian And Giant Ass Devising Plan To Bust Bush Out Of NOLA?


Hey Reggie! How’s the knee? Bwwwaahhh!! Nigga please!

Is Kim Kardashian smart enough to get Reggie Bush traded out of New Orleans?

At least one report doesn’t get into her smarts but says it could be happening.

A MSNBC tabloid blog, which can always be trusted for legit ‘news,’ says The Giant Ass is peddling photos of Reggie hitting Vegas for her birthday in an attempt to cause friction in NOLA.

“She is trying to make it out to look like he isn’t hurt, that he’s pulling a fast one on his team and just partying it up with her instead of being with the Saints,” the source says.

And here we figured she was only smart enough to order a #5 off the Burger King value meal board. She fooled us with those good looks.

Kim had her own side of the story to tell – and she did it on her blog, of course.

Out 4-6 weeks but standing at The Giant Ass birthday party. Suck it, Saints.

Kim explains the real story of what went down for her birthday.

Friday night we celebrated my 28th birthday party in Vegas! I was originally supposed to be in London with Reggie but obviously didn’t go due to his knee surgery. This party was planned for a while because I originally thought I wouldn’t be able to go to London due to Dancing With the Stars—so when I was able to go, I was always going to fly back from London for this birthday party and fly right back to London so I wouldn’t miss the game! I know it’s a lot of flying, but flying doesn’t really bother me! I can always sleep! LOL!

Very LOL! Now, what about Bush attending the bash?

We were blasting music while we were getting ready and the door bell rings… IT’S REGGIE!!! He surprised me! The coaches and doctors agreed that Reggie was well enough to fly to Vegas and attend my party. I was being a total mom type and made a security guard stand next to him so no one would bump into his knee!


The pictures straight off the Kardashian site show Reggie, minus security, on some sort of dance floor where any number of drunken Hollywood elites could break a stiletto and crash into that million-dollar knee.

It appears that The Giant Ass’ master plan just might be working.


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