Bia And Branca Feres Twins Off-Season Regimen Includes Getting Wet On Brazilian Game Shows


Raphael was excited to be playing games with the Feres sisters.

You likely woke up this morning wondering “What ever happened to those synchronized swimming sisters that I was lusting over back in August?”
We did.
And the search was on for the latest news out of the Bia and Branca Feres camp.
After a brief struggle with the Portuguese language, we were able to learn that the sisters have been busy appearing on goofy Brazilian game shows and attending fashion shows. Just the typical life for celebrity swimmers in Brazil.


The game show (shown last week), De Cara No Muro, pitted Bia and Branca plus some tool against two other tools and another cute Brazilian chick.
The goal of the show is to make your body go through holes in a wall before being pushed into a pool.
Of course the blondes, who are used to twisting their bodies and spooning, won.
We’re efforting video on this one. For some strange reason the Brazilians don’t believe in instantly having this kind of footage on YouTube.
If you are quick with the Portuguese tongue and knows some sources, hook us up.


Nice Catch, Now Watch Out For That Plywood Wall!
Nice Catch, Now Watch Out For That Plywood Wall!
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