Nice Catch, Now Watch Out For That Plywood Wall!


Wall! Wall! Watch out for the wa…. [Photo Credit]

We revisit West Virginia Tech football again today for what just might be the strangest touchdown catch of the 2008 college football season.

It came last week against The University of Cumberlands and had the WVT twirler really excited.

For some strange reason this football stadium has a plywood wall literally two feet from the end zone pylon.

The fans like to be right on the action.

But…it can be dangerous for wide receivers who get pushed in the back by a defender. We smell a lawsuit.

We warned you that wall was two feet from the playing surface. [Photo Credit]

A search for “Dyrone Johnson, West Virginia Tech and crippled” returned nothing so we can only assume this guy walked away from this horrific collision with only a stiff back.

Let’s hope.

A Google Map search of Martin Field, WVU Tech’s home field, reveals that the gridiron has been strategically carved into a mountain, meaning rock walls become obstacles.

It seems the bottom left corner is where Dyrone nearly lost his life.

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