Daily Dump: World Series Clusterf@ck, Hefner’s Ladies Reunite, Singletary Gets Acoustic Song, Auburn Trampy Chicks, Medical Definition Of Shocker & Top 13 Hottest Dead Chicks




Tiffany somehow was in our dreams last night doing our laundry and making dinner. 

What a clusterfuck this World Series has become.

Endings at 1:45 a.m., rain delays, games nobody outside Philly are watching, etc.

In other news, Tennessee is pretty good and the downfall of Indy is upon us. Is it possible Peyton Manning is becoming an old guy who is breaking down? Looks that way. 

Today’s Dump:

Hef’s ex’s reunite for a Halloween party, romp with old guy? [on205th]

Mike Singletary outburst garners his own acoustic song [Ryan Parker]

Patron ad next to Vizcaino DUI news not good [Bob’s Blitz]

Luke Wilson plays for Rays? [Brahsome]

A look inside the life of an Arkansas football fan [Friends of the Program]

Auburn chicks are a little trampy [World of Isaac]

Ohio State chicks worth partying with [Uncoached]

The destruction of the Cincinnati Bengals in 4 minutes [Meaningful Collateral]

The shocker’s medically speaking explanation [Holy Taco]

The creepy guys of Craigslist [Banned In Hollywood]

Amazon.com has Obama listed as terrorist [Salty Milk]

Today’s Tail: 

Blogger puts together  the Top 13 Hottest Dead Chicks list [Spike.com]

Um, we spent at least 30 minutes checking out these chicks [Double Viking]

Bono has a way with teens [Derober]

Hot ass Hollywood cougar tails [Coed]

Danielle Bux does Maxim, grown men openly weep [CamelTap]

Trashy Traci Bingham takes out the garbage [Dirty Rotten]

This should keep you busy [Bright Black Internet]

We don’t approve of Jessica Biel in this suit [CelebSlam]

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