Busted Coverage Pre-Season NBA Dancer East Vs. West First Teamers



NBA Champions don’t rest, they reload with new talent like Jenna.

The NBA season starts tonight.

We couldn’t be happier. 8 months of rigged games, phantom fouls, Kobe wanting to be traded and Mark Cuban bitching about refs should be fun.

There is only one thing that could make this sport interesting in November. The dancers.

While SI, ESPN, AP, TNT, ESPNews, ESPN2 and ABC are busy putting together their All-NBA Pre-season Team, BC was going in the opposite direction, finding the East vs. West dancers to complete the “Busted Coverage Pre-Season All-NBA Dance Squad.”

There are two requirements for members of this 5 on 5 squads. You have to be hot and interesting. Got it? Good.

Eastern Conference All-NBA Dance Squad First Team:

Jenna, Boston

We get started in Boston where the NBA Trophy resides and find our first team member who is a student and likes Disney World. What is one thing that many people don’t know about you? Ever since I started driving, I got this weird phobia of sitting in the backseat!


Alison, Boston

You win the title, you get two chicks on the first team. It’s only fair. Alison is a real estate agent, has two titles with the Patriots and one with Boston. She’s the Robert Horry of dancers. What is one thing people don’t know about you?
I’m a lefty.


Laura, New York

This Ohio native loves PB&J, the Food Network and was once crowned Miss Dance Ohio. Pet Peeve: Walking up before the alarm clock goes off. That’s what it says in her bio.


Kate, Philadelphia

This 3 year vet is back for another season and says her brother is a big inspiration. Who inspired you to become a Sixers Dancer? I think it was two things. First, my brother always played basketball so I was always watching from the stands. I would sit with the cheerleaders and I just got used to being around basketball. I started to really enjoy basketball and I love to dance.


Kate, Cavs

We figured at least one chick on this team has to look like she’s in the twilight of the career. A hanger-on. Why did you want to be a Cavalier Girl? “I want to be a member of this team again because it is the best team and it is still the only team that makes me feel at home.


Western Conference All-NBA Dance Squad First Team:

Katie, Sacramento

Yet another Kate. This chick just loves dancing because it’s so fun and the Kings Dancers are known to have a good time. Like the time they all lined up to do that one photo shoot. You remember. It became an Internet sensation. “Everything about being on the Dance Team is fun,” Katie said in the team’s new costume. “The photo shoots are amazing, practicing with the girls, getting to know all the girls individually, the games, the charity appearances, meeting the fans – everything!”


Suzanne, LA Lakers

She loves to quote movies, enjoys watching Purple Jesus and dreams of becoming a sportscaster. Enough said.


Mandy, San Antonio

A dancer who still likes I Love Lucy gets on this team. She also likes egg roll and the color pink. We’re in love.


Jocelyn, Salt Lake City

Back for another season, Ms. Jocelyn loves The Office, cleaning and doesn’t embarrass easily. Her dream job is to be a dolphin trainer and doesn’t like when people chew with their mouths open. Welcome aboard the first team.


Harmony, LA Clippers

We didn’t get any bio on this dancer. Somehow we skipped right to the looks department and she made it. We figure she’s really interesting.


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