Penn State Students Celebrate Victory Over Ohio State With Grace, A Little Rioting

Penn State students, after years of disgrace against Ohio State, let out their frustration in the early morning hours Sunday by ripping down street lights, blazing bushes and generally just busting up their campus.

And the police weren’t afraid of blasting these drunken idiots with mace, the Patriot-News reports.

Officers from surrounding townships, clad in riot gear, emptied cans of pepper spray into crowds of bystanders, who in response chanted: “Please don’t Mace us!”

“No one did anything bad until the cops showed up,” said Ryan Beberus, a senior from Dallas, Pa. “I guess the sight of riot police is enough to start a riot.”


So, students wouldn’t riot if there were no police to riot with? We never looked at it like that. Very smart thinking.



Students topple street lights as if they were goal posts [Photo Credit]

The Daily Collegian reports this was the first major incident of PSU students rioting since 2001 when the Lions lost to Temple in the NCAA basketball tournament.

One woman driving a red sedan looked on as the crush of students pounded on her windshield, climbed onto her hood and stood on the roof of her vehicle, the paper reports.

And to think that this isn’t even the inevitable BCS title game celebration. Students were proud of their accomplishments.

We’ll let one PSU student have the last word courtesy of the Daily Collegian.

“This is f—— amazing — I’m keeping this f—— light!” Dennis Dunne (senior-hotel, restaurant and institutional management) said, proudly hoisting his end of a fallen street lamp aloft. “I’m going to probably frame it or something, keep it right next to my bed. That’s an artifact right there that will go down in history.”

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