Colorado Democrat’s Son Is Behind Naked Sword Streaking Incident

About 6,000 fans at a Friday night Colorado football game got to see an influential Democrat’s son run across the field only wearing running shoes and swinging a toy sword.

Colorado State House Majority Leader Alice Madden is a little embarrassed her son would bring such shame on the family, reports the Daily Camera.

“Every year it seems like someone streaks at this football game,” said Madden, an attorney and member of the state Legislative Council. “Unfortunately for us and our family, this year it was our son.”

This prank could cost the teen. A judge could make him register as a sex offender.

“My husband and I are very disappointed. We’ve talked about it a lot and he faces punishment at home and he’s going to have punishment at school.”

He’ll probably lose access to the Land Rover and will have his cable/internet package lowered to the basic level. That’s gonna suck.

Expect Repubs to attack in 3…..2……1……..

Football game streaker is Madden’s son [The Daily Camera]

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