LeBron James Appears On ESPN College GameDay, Gets Forearm Shiver From Desmond Howard

 Primping for his big ESPN moment, King shows off the massive watch.

There have been some major brushes with sports fame for the powers of Busted Coverage.

Back in the 80s, as a kid, there was the moment of being too scared to approach Willie Stargell for an autograph while he was shopping at some Florida fruit stand. Then how could we forget the one-on-one conversation with Gordie Howe when he asked BC “where are all the hot chicks.

But then yesterday in Columbus it happened. A man who’s watch and diamond earrings are worth more than most normal guy’s yearly salary sauntered past.

It was The King.

Were we impressed? Yeah, by the watch.

Desmond tries to take out the shooting elbow of the Chosen One.