Indiana University Students Bored With Game, "Step The [email protected]#k Up," Fight Each Other

The Indiana football team has beaten two sub-BCS teams and Northwestern (yesterday) this season.
That will leave the home fans a little restless.
And in a fighting mood as can be seen above.
It’s unclear which loss this video was shot at but there are a few lessons that can be learned from this great fight.
Lesson #1
If you are going to throw the first punch, finish the guy off.
Lesson #2
If you don’t finish the guy off, expect to get drilled in the side of the head.
Lesson #3
Shots to the back of the head will lead to point deductions
Lesson #4
When getting shoved to the ground always be on lookout for ground and pound.
Lesson #5
Don’t go to IU football games.

"Who The F@#k Is That Chick(s)" At ESPN GameDay In Columbus
"Who The [email protected]#k Is That Chick(s)" At ESPN GameDay In Columbus
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