Who The F@!K Is That Chick: The World Series


Inspired by the newest Daily Show segment, “Who The F@!k Is That Guy?,” we’ve come up with our own version and get things started at the World Series.

Let’s get rolling with the above photo of a baseball media elitist obviously flown in straight from Fort Lauderdale to ask important questions like, “Kyle, are you a Backstreet Boys fan?

Your job today, folks, is to identify this looker from “FREE TV.”

Since most of you slackers are now out of work anyway, get to it. One more “Who The F@!k Is that Chick,” after the jump.

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Tampa, home to more cougars per capita than anywhere in the United States, thanks to plastic surgeons and retirees with money to burn on trophy wives.

She’s just a fan waiting to be discovered. By you.

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