The Infamous Penn State – Ohio State Pike Frat Incident Celebrates One-Year Anniversary


It’s been nearly one year since Busted Coverage (then called Big T@n Tailgate) discovered a YouTube video that would forever change this operation.

Soon the above video would be the subject of an arrest and news reports in Pittsburgh, Columbus and State College.

After some digging between the Daily Collegian (PSU) and BTT, it was discovered that the moron responsible for this video was named Gaetano Sacco, a Pike vice president. For weeks, his name was plastered across Ohio State message boards.

We have a surprise for our loyal Buckeye readers. There are photos of this guy and let’s just say that he will be a legend on Gay Wired.


Why, Mr. Sacco, are you naked in the presence of all these other men?

Here’s to a great game this weekend and the hope that nothing even remotely similar happens to PSU fans.

BC might joke around here and there but one full can of beer to OSU fan’s head and it could have been all over.

We hope Gaetano isn’t the same moron he was a year ago, but from the look of things not much has changed in his world.

“This is Penn State, b!tch!”


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