The Afternoon Dump: 73 Year Old Plays Ball, Guy Gets Hit By Car, Ultimate Celeb Sex Tape List, The Best Flashlight, Football Coach Doesn’t Like It


Audrey makes those glasses look good

Now that’s what I am talking about. The Rays won. Told you that the Phillies win was just a fluke. Now on to Philadelphia to continue game 3 of the series. My prediction: Tampa-6 Philadelphia-4.

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Afternoon Dump

73 year old man will be playing basketball for a junior college in Tennessee [Salty Milk]

Instead of a car for Miley Cyrus she wants her own apartment [Celebslam]

Target has to be proud of there employees, I mean after all it is kind of hard to do this [Co-Ed Magazine]

A good song to workout too [uncoached]

This guy is a real idiot, he gets hit by his own car [Tasty Booze]

Now these women have some tattoos [Head of Fred]

Celebrity sex tape guide, everything you need [Tabloid Prodigy]

This would be crazy to see some grandmas having this flashlight [Brahsome]

Its friday, so that means its pre-gaming time [The Big Picture]

This is a hard lineup to rank, is she really the number one? [TV Tan Line]

This coach decided his money could have been spent better else where [Epic Carnival]

This goalie just shouldn’t have tripped up this guy [Machochip]

Nick Young makes his dunking debut [Mr. Irrelevant]

If you want to be serious make sure your chair can hold your weight [Next Round]

That hot girl Hayden shows off some undies (ads NSFW) [Drunken Stepfather]

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