Rachel Erikson Is Lingerie Football League & Tampa Sports Television Reporter


Hot Sports Reporter Thursday rolls on with the Internet’s introduction to Rachel Erikson, a Tampa-based sports and entertainment ‘reporter.’

Ms. Erikson can rap about sports, pets, music and is even a beginner blogger.

From her blog:

I’m Rachel Erikson, television host and on-air talent for Tampa Bay On Demand and Bright House Sports Network here in the Tampa Bay area and these are my adventures!

While she is a multi-talented talent, it was her ability to hang with the ladies of the Tampa Breeze of the Lingerie Football League that got our attention.


Rarely can a woman behind the mic compare to those who strap on lingerie and throw around the pigskin. But at 31, Rachel, still has the looks to compete on this level.

I’ve been designated to cover the ladies all season, so be on the lookout for more features, including practice sessions, leading all the way up to (Super) Bowl time!

Yeah, we’ll be keeping tabs in-between ESPNews updates, Mike and Mike in the Morning and listening to Cowherd.

It’ll break up our day.


Ms. Erikson loves U.K. breakbeat music.

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