Lisa Guerrero Gets Shitfaced On Moonshine, Pens Song About Her Out Of Work Husband


“Hot Sports Reporter Thursday,” rolls along today with the latest news blog entry from Lisa Guerrero, a classic with details of getting hammered on moonshine, interviewing John Daly and Jim McMahon and a venture into song writing.

Guerrero, famous for once posing naked in Playboy () and working MNF sidelines, is trying to revive a dead career with a gig at the L.A. Times as a blogger.

She goes out on the road to celebrity golf outings, talks to other washed up celebs and, we suppose, gets trashed on moonshine.

We’ll let her explain.


Lisa…the floor is yours:

I was told that the batch of moonshine broken out for my enjoyment is called “Gramma’s Apple Pie,” and is so strong that if you dip a spoon into the stuff and light a match underneath it, the spoon will melt.

Naturally, I had a shot.

It looked a little like a urine test and smelled like cinnamon. The other local “good stuff” is cherry flavored and looks like Tang.

So you had a ‘shot.’ Doubt it. Lets be honest, Lisa.

I so enjoyed the music, and was so caught up in the spirit (and frankly, hung over) from my introduction to “Gramma’s Apple Pie”) that I sat down and penned my own country song. It’s called “The Comeback,” and it’s about an aging pitcher who still wants to play (three guesses who I wrote that song about).


She went and got drunk on moonshine and decided it would be the perfect time to wax poetic about Scott Erickson (her husband), a guy who hasn’t played ball since the beginning of 2007.

Let this be a lesson to all other female sideline reporters. Moonshine will make you crazy. Take it from a crew who knows a thing or two about Cherry Bombs.

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