Daily Dump: Behind The Scenes With Oregon Cheerleaders, Cougars Of The 80s, Tailgating At Oklahoma, Marisa Miller Photo Spread & Jayde Nicole Works



That’s right, Marisa Miller has a new photoshoot to show you. 

Go Rays! Feel The Heat!

Wait, Cole Hamels is good and Tampa bats were cold. 1-0 Philly.

If you thought the Philly fan put a solid celebration together after the NLCS, just wait to see what happens if they win this thing. Most young fans weren’t even born (1980) the last time things went right for the Phillies.

The Rays run was fun but we want to see some cars burn and Philly fans give the city an even worse name for unruly idiots.

4-1 Series sounds about right. 

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