The Afternoon Dump: The Worst Kind Of Card, Jodie Marsh Loves Her Sperm, Stupid Videos On The Next, Things Not To Do


Lindsey is just a teen.

This better be the best World Series ever played. I mean come on, it’s the best Home team (Rays) vs. the best Away team(Phillies), so therefore it should be good. ESPN is hyping up this series a lot so I hope it is a good series.

Watched a documentary on how they build the Airbus A 380, now thats just some crazy stuff going on there.


Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

The kind of card you never want to get, hopefully you never do [Salty Milk]

An interview with [Steady Burn]

So where were they about in the 80’s, hmmm [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

A little collection of some stupid videos floating around the net [Co-Ed Magazine]

Jodie Marsh just wants your sperm [Bright Black Internet]

The Can Man just might be homeless [Uncoached]

Here are all of the things to try and avoid when attempting a world record [on 205th]

Well this is a drastic way to look at a sex tape [Tasty Booze]

The Cold War Kids is just a depressing name for a group [Brahsome]

Do you agree with Penn State having the best helmet? [The Big Picture]

This guy is a little drunk, he pleads the 5th even after all he said [Next Round]

I hate these kind of shows but this one could be good [Epic Carnival]

Clinton Portis is on top of the world, one of the best running backs and models of the NFL [Mr. Irrelevant]

This playmate likes her lollipops [Celebridiot]

Oh no, Brett Favre is going to jail [Awful Announcing]

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