Mets Fans Bid $20,875 On Shea Stadium Junk


The struggling economy can suck it.

Mets fan is going Warren Buffet on the Shea Stadium, um, memorabilia up for auction that we told you about weeks ago.

Not satisfied with saving money for the upcoming economic struggles, fans are bidding crazy dollars for items that would normally be called junk on the collector’s market.

Our accounting department did the math and calculated $20,875 in bids with 9 days to go.

There is still time for you to get in on such items as the Family Bathroom sign that will remind you of changing diapers on Junior’s first visit to this beer stenched facility.

Two-sided directional sign for Shea ramp: $900! 

The Top 3 Highest Bids For Shea Stadium Items:

• The letter ‘S’ from stadium sign (one letter only, folks) : $2,500

• A panel from the AIG padded wall advertisement: $1,420

• Wrought iron tree surrounds with Mets logo: $1,220

We must mention that the American flag flying above the stadium is currently sitting at $620.


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