The Afternoon Dump: World Series Home Field Advantage, A New Drinking Game, Ellen Show Goes Wet, Tara Reid Still Not Looking Good

I would love to join Brande in the sauna.

Kind of have a huge cold today. Just learned that Vitamin C helps you out when you have a cold. No one ever told me this.

My man Jay Cutler may have to be riding the bench the next few weeks after his performance last night. McNabb will have some big shoes to fill.

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Afternoon Dump

If you don’t know how homefield advantage is done for the World Series then you should check this out [The Sports Point]

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I think everyone wants to spend 40,000 on ebay [Steady Burn]

All kids want to get tasered by a cop at an underage party then get the cop fired [Tasty Booze]

10 Keg stands by some attractive women [uncoached]

Girls Aloud can have some good looking women in it [on 205th]

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