Lingerie Football League's Seattle Mist Gets Around To Holding Team Bonding Party


It’s Seattle, you have to deal with the fog and barely clothed Mist.

While the Seahawks pack it in for 2008, any real Seatlle football fan has turned his attention to the Lingerie Football League and the Pacific Northwest’s entry – the Mist.

Our research team recently brought you all the team bonding parties held for fellow league members, but Seattle was late putting this group together.

However, someone got their act together, the Mist ladies hit a bar and we are here to give you visual proof that there are hot ladies in Seattle. These women are ready to pull some hair and grab some ass on the football field.

Or something like that.

Meanwhile, the good news for Seattle is that the Mist will actually make use of the city’s now dormant arena.

The Los Angeles Temptation will play at the Staples Center and the Seattle Mist is expected to utilize the now abandoned Key Arena. Yes the same Key Arena that is dark this NBA season after the city’s teamed skipped town for Oklahoma City.

We can hardly wait.

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