BC Special Investigation: Derek Jeter-Minka Kelly Now Hottest A-List Sideline Couple On Sports Circuit


Texans must not pay attention to Friday Night Lights [Photo Credit]

Not all is wrong in Derek Jeter’s life right now.

Sure, it hurts watching the Rays get to the World Series for the price of a nice 2-bedroom Manhattan condo. But there is a consolation prize for Jeter.

Time with Minka Kelly.

The Captain finally showed the world this weekend (at the Texas-Missouri game) that he’s definitely with network television’s hottest high school cheerleader – Lyla Garrity.

The Jeter-Kelly combination, in a single weekend, became the “Hottest A-List Sideline Couple On The Sports Circuit.”

Other contenders for the A-List Celebrity/Athlete Sideline Circuit.

Molly Beers/David Wright

She’s not famous on a Minka Kelly level but she has the Mets 3rd baseman’s arm to grab. That makes up for her lack of star power.


Jeter would have instant competition if this undercover couple would ever just come out and show America that this is actually happening when he could have any woman.

We wouldn’t expect their coming out party to be a football game. Think: Milan fashion show.

Gisele/Tom Brady

Now that the Pats QB is injured he can spend more time with his woman. The problem is that she is too famous to take onto the sidelines. It would cause a riot. Minka isn’t recognized by 2/3rds of the world’s adult males, allowing Jeter to take his girlfriend to a college football game. Advantage: The Captain.

Sleeper: Adriana Lima/Marko Jaric

The theory here is that it barely matters which guy you put next to her, Adriana Lima is getting attention. And she is A-list.

It just happens that this marginal basketball player gets the chance to put a ring on her finger and join her in the sack. Now if he could average 17 and make an all-star team this couple could skyrocket.

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