British WAG Danielle Lloyd Hits The Classroom


Our friends at Nuts U.K. have been busy getting everyone’s favorite WAG Danielle Lloyd out of her clothes, into some high heels and spread out in a classroom.


For your enjoyment and because the economy sucks and the only thing that makes life better is a 20-something compulsively sexy chick.

Thanks to the our friends across the pond, you get a peak into Danielle’s latest work. Don’t forget to give Nuts a visit for the latest hot British chick news.

It’s a Busted Coverage staple.


Danielle will not stand for your stupid paper wad fights.

iss42_d_lloyd_10.jpg iss42_d_lloyd_09.jpg iss42_d_lloyd_07.jpg iss42_d_lloyd_06.jpg

iss42_d_lloyd_04.jpg iss42_d_lloyd_03.jpg iss42_d_lloyd_02.jpg iss42_d_lloyd_01.jpg

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