Morning Headlines: Youngstown’s White Hope Loses, Daytona Coleslaw Wrestling & New Clemson Coach In Loss Column


Youngstown’s boxing legend gets beaten by Hopkins. 

Welcome to a new weekend post that we hope to make a tradition.

While bloggers are pretty good at cutting and pasting newspaper stories, rarely do you readers get to see the print edition of the paper. But thanks to the coolest new museum, ironically named Newseum, you can see front-page headlines from around the United States and select countries in the world.

The following fronts are from today and hopefully reflect what is going on in the world of sports.

Coleslaw wrestling makes front of the Daytona newspaper.


Sox fans are about to piss themselves over this 3-1 comeback.



Disappointed with their current crop of cheerleaders, UGA brought back the retreads. 


New coach rubs on Howard’s Rock, gets first loss. 


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