Minka Kelly Lets Derek Jeter Pose For Photos With Other Women On Texas Sidelines


Jeter had his choice of women last night in Austin and chose Minka Kelly. [Credit]

Bong smoking hero Mattew McConaughey wasn’t spotted on the Texas sidelines last night but UT fans were given an even bigger treat.

Derek Jeter was in town with his chick, um, named Minka Kelly. Maybe you’ve heard of her from work on Friday Night Lights.

Oh, and that recluse Roger Clemens tagged along, too, reports the Dallas Morning News blog team.

Besides Ms. Kelly, her escort Derek Jeter and Roger Clemens (who some have also accused of being a thespian) a couple of other big names were recognized on the field before the game. Oscar-winning actress Marcia Gay Harden and Stars/Rangers owner Tom Hicks were among a group of distinguished UT alums presented to the crowd.

A half-shot (and a couple shot) of Minka Kelly and her meal ticket on the UT sidelines after the jump.


Is that purple?

Of course the New York media couldn’t be shut out of the Jeter-Kelly gossip.

Speaking of Jeter, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that he traveled to Austin, Texas to watch the No.1 University of Texas (my alma mater) beat Missouri. Jeter has apparently been spending a lot of time in Austin as of late in the company of “Friday Night Lights” star Minka Kelly, who he attended the game with.The bad news is that Jeters was also at the game with…Roger Clemens. Good grief.

Jeter has shown a lot of good judgment over the years – has stayed out of trouble and has been a great citizen – and I think it’s very cool that he went to see my favorite team play (he was a guest of the Longhorns.) Just wish he could have done it without the albatross of Clemens around!

The guy cannot win. He brings his hot girlfriend for the world to see and all the NY hounds care about is some washed up ‘roid user who’s with him on the sidelines.

Can we not just concentrate on the hot chick? Please.

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